The pack.png project
to find the seed of the most iconic image in minecraft history

original pack.png

This project was started by this Video by SalC1. The pack.png image can be seen within the Java Edition Minecraft client, when selecting a multiplayer server without a icon, or as the icon of the default texture pack. This image has been in Minecraft for a long time, which explains why it looks off, compared to recent versions of Minecraft. This project aims to find the seed of the world this image was taken from.

What we know

  • The image first appeared in Alpha 1.2.2a
  • It was last modified Monday, ‎November ‎8, ‎2010, ‏‎10:07:18 PM CET (UTC+1) Daemon#3789
  • The first mention of pack.png in relation to its seed can be found here
  • The Java version used when this image was taken is Java 1.6, seed generation differs in 1.5 Gamebuster#7461
  • The height of the mountain is 89-91 blocks tall PoltixeTheDerg#4477

Tried seeds