This is about finding the seed of the mysterious "pack.png" image that Minecraft uses. All of this started with a YouTube video made by SalC1.

Not quite, we are going to use a supercomputer running a custom program that mathematically calculates the seeds and checks if they match based on what we know of the minecraft world generation. If you want more info go to the method page.

Nope! They had more information than we did, and we actually have the people who worked on the PewDiePie seed in the Discord server right now!

You can go here to see a incomplete list of seeds we have tried. People have tried way more than these, but these are the important ones. Sadly, trying seeds isn't really helpful.

While we are grateful there are many people willing to help, we can't have everyone helping at once, or it would be chaos. So, rather than asking how you can help straight away, try to self-evaluate what you may be able to do to help before asking, then ask "how can I help with X"? Realistically at this point, if you are not a skilled programmer, you probably can't help, sorry.

The image Minecraft used for the default texture pack in the texture pack selection screen, and also for greyed out if a server doesn't have a icon.

We know the player is looking towards -z/+x from the water animation direction. We also know based off the cloud pattern that, if the image was taken within 10 minutes of spawning, the mountain can't be further than 3074 blocks from the spawn location.

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Yes, we have plenty of processing power. To be exact, 2-6 NVIDIA DGX-2 Supercomputers.

2^48*0.82 seeds.
230.8 Trillion